A city within a city.

Ridgeside, Tennessee: The entire population of Ridgeside could fit into the orchestra level of the surroundng Chattanooga's Tivoli Theatre — and the theatre would still be three-fifths empty. Ridgeside resident and former major Brant Mason desribes his little city as a "tight community." It is a city of less than 400 people. “Everyone knows each other and we’ve always enjoyed our independence."

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About Ridgeside

Ridgeside’s residents voted in 1931 to incorporate on the east side of Missionary Ridge. At the time, the city of Chattanooga was several miles away on the north side of the ridge. As Chattanooga grew, it completely surrounded the community that was once a rural farm. There are no retail stores in Ridgeside. The little city is strictly a bucolic community of neighbors, and they seem to like it that way.


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City Services

Emergency Fire, Crime, Ambulance.......  911

East Ridge Police Department: .....423-622-1725

Garbage and Recycle service through Allied Waste Services ........423-867-4650

Leaf bag contained brush curbside pickup ...Bill McCarthy: ...423-488-5273 (doods3113@aol.com)



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Ridgeside Timeline

Late 1800s to early 1900s: Farmer and landowner John T. Shepherd operates the Hill Glen Dairy on the site of what became Ridgeside.

1922: John Shepherd’s son, Paul W. Shepherd begins conversion of the diary farm into a housing subdivision.

2016: Federal Emergency Management Authority (FEMA) report indicates Ridgeside has less than a one-percent chance of catastrophic flooding.

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